This is a welcome from me to you and to me from the world of blogging.  I decided to start this blog to document my research and development of my first hobby electronics project.  I probably do not even realize how much that I benefit from the open development community along with their plethora of communications in the form of mailing lists, blogs, articles, stackoverflow questions and answers, and along with everything else on this great Internet.  Therefore, this is my way of trying to give back.  My only hope is that I may help or inspire someone else in their journey with technology and development as countless people have done so before me.

I am currently waiting for my hardware shipment and will then start posting about my progress.  Before that, I will shortly write a post on my research and more on what I’m wanting to do with this project.  Until then, I recommend getting involved with this open development community.

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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Awesome! Welcome to WordPress.com 🙂 What have you ordered in your first shipment?

    • Thanks, Daniel! I ordered the BeagleBone rev. A6, USB wifi module, and a 5V wall power adapter so I don’t have to source from USB all of the time and the wifi module requires it. I felt that this was the minimum to get going for now.

      • Neat. What’s your first project? Have you checked out what’s going on at Makezine?

      • I’m trying to come up with something that I could incorporate with hiking and backpacking since those are my other hobbies. So, I might start with a GPS logger to track my routes. Still thinking, though.

        I think I’ve seen the magazine that you’re talking about, but I haven’t looked too much into. I might need to, though.

  2. sandersky says:

    Well if you are a fan of the open source community and are simply doing this for fun you may consider posting any code you write whether it be C or assembly (or some other language) to something such as GitHub.com for the world to see. Of course this also gives you the benefit of having your code in a Git repository which is backed up on servers elsewhere in the world.

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