Run OpenVAS in msfconsole

Here is a quick way to run OpenVAS in msfconsole.  For steps on configuring OpenVAS, go to my other post.

1.  load openvas

At any time, you can run openvas_help for usage of commands for OpenVAS.

2.  openvas_connect <user> <user password> localhost 9390 ok

3.  openvas_target_create “metasploitable” <target IP> “comment”

4.  openvas_config_list – to see OpenVAS’s scan configuration list

5.  openvas_target_list – to see list of targets

6.  openvas_task_create metasploitable new_scan <config ID> <target ID>

7.  openvas_task_start <task ID>

8.  openvas_task_list – see the status of the task.  You can also see this task with its status and final report in the Greenbone web interface.  When it’s complete, it’ll have a Status of Done and Progress of -1 (in msfconsole).

9.  openvas_report_list – see a list of reports in the database.

10.  openvas_format_list – see a list of the possible report formats.

11.  openvas_report_download <report id> <format id> <path for saving report> <report name>

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