No, this isn’t a site on making the best cup of joe (though, that’s a great thing!), it’s a spot for me to document and demonstrate my development and teach others about this subject.  I have taken advantage of the open development of programmers and hackers across the world and it’s about time that I give my own support.

I also want to shed light on the good side of hacking.  Many people have the image of a hacker from what they read about in the news and TV:  sweaty fat dude in his mom’s basement taking down websites or stealing money from online accounts.  Though these types of hackers exist, a general “hacker” is one who tinkers with technology for curiosity and progress.  A great example of this and the intent of this blog is with the embedded systems and Linux community.  I love following the happenings coming from the development of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Gumstix, DIY Drones (more Arduino), BeagleBoard, and much more.  Developers and hackers are producing some awesome projects and I want to not only get involved but give back with my own development and support.

So why coffee?  Because I’m addicted to the nectar and love it!  It definitely helps my development and I look forward to every cup.


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